Saturday, February 4, 2017

Drew, 4 years old - { Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville / Tennessee Family Photographer

Mr. Drew brought his super cute self, and lot of smiles!
He shared that he's going to be a big brother in just a few months!!
We all agree that baby sister will be beyond gorgeous!
Congrats to the family of almost 5!!  See you soon!  :)

The B family - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Franklin / Hendersonville Tennessee Photographer

So great to see these faces again!
These adorable brothers are expecting a princess in just a few months!   Congrats to her new built in security!  :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Family Photographer - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville / Tennessee Photography

Another family I adore!   Dad was my daughter's tee ball Coach!
And their kiddos have GROWN, and Sister is gorgeous as always like her Mama!

Hailey & Jase - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville Tennessee Photographer

I absolutely LOVE this trio!   Such a strong Mama doing an incredible job with these two super happy loves!   Loved seeing them for their Christmas session!

My Photography has worth.

UPDATED:  2.28.17

After over a year long sabbatical to blogging through my photography work, I am back in the swing!

Having been put through some slander of my personal & business life via some psychologically needy individuals that desperately need a life (outside of a social media obsession), a job (that doesn't include stalking others around town & reading social media all day), friends (other than Facebook ones), and psychotherapy.   

Finally finding the light at the end of a year long tunnel, and trust that the law will prevail (because thankfully the legal system is not broken) if further negative comments through social media OR by word of mouth are tossed around by those that seem to have just stepped off the Jerry Springer stage. 

To those that may feel guilty of the consistent slander (whom are not KTP clients), please learn to accept that you caused your demise many years before any presence of the positive environment showed back up.  Given that these positive people gave non-stop encouragement to lift those up with loving advice that "this too shall pass", and suggestions of counseling (and STILL DO because non of us thought it was that bad & fixable.  Hence, find someone else to blame as we were only cheering for your happiness).

When consistent negativity is thrown with such hate on a daily bases for years, it's not acceptable and no one would want that for their own child.   The Hatred may have "paperwork" on them, but that does not entitle belittling everyday to the point of disgust.   Create a positive life & home, and you'll accomplish more.

Spend time with your children without the phone up your nose.

And stop bashing the newly positive environment for them to thrive in because the negative one you are causing will only bring resentment towards you further down the road.   
Especially when you consistently hold them hostage in exchange for the 'keeping up with the Joneses' type of lifestyle that was never there beforehand, and based solely on lies of perjury. 

After a year of silence, I'm speaking up & asking for the stalking and slander being thrown to please stop.   I have a family that thrives from my business. 

Now, lets all put our big girl or boy pants on, and get back to #Adulting!   Always be a great example to your children, and have some class like us all.

(Note:  Every time you particular individuals look this blog post up or lurk around my facebook fan page, it shows the city and nearly the exact location of who's viewing these pages.  Food for thought.)  
SINCE, certain people just cannot seem to control themselves and are continuing their slander-ish ways....I will add to this post.  

Let's take a leap back into the past, not as far back as when us sane people all hung out as kids in Hendersonville.  
No, we'll go back to just a little over 14 years ago.   
I just started dating my husband, and one of my very best friends (whom I would see and talk to frequently up until 2009) picked me up to go have Thanksgiving dinner on a Saturday evening with a family that he was good friends with. (that family was you particular individuals, minus the "interesting" person my best friend married. )  I was introduced to all of the people there as his best friend, and even spoke about my new boyfriend to the lady that had a little girl.  Everyone was extremely gracious, and the older gentleman was very entertaining.  It was sad to hear about his passing.   My best friend highly admired him.

The following summer I got married.  And my best friend attended the ceremony before he left for work.   A few month later, I called my best friend to share the news of myself expecting twins.  Then, a few months later in Jan. 2004 I called my best friend to tell him the tragic news that my twins went to heaven.  I lost them just after nearly 5 1/2 months of carrying them.  A boy and a girl.

Throughout the next couple of years I always kept in close touch with my best friend.  He could always give a positive, but comical outlook on situations that were tough to go through.  
Then, in 2006 my husband and I were expecting our first born.   
My best friend was very happy for us, and he shared the news that he was getting married.   The lady he had been dating said she was pregnant, and she wanted to get married right away.
I was supposed to be there that fall day to see my best friend get married, but unfortunately my pregnant body was throwing small complications and I had to stay home due to being on bed rest.
So, I never got to meet his bride.

A few months later, my best friend called to find out how I was doing and make a lunch date for O'Charley's (the usual because we love some potato soup! Either that or Waffle House.  That's some yum with some Tums!).   I was unable to match my schedule, so he didn't get to see me in my pregnant state. (which was all belly!)
But, he did share that his new bride must have fabricated the pregnancy because he never saw proof.   Being the friend that I am, I told him that his wife must have really loved him and felt like she might lose him.  So, coming up with the possibility of a little piece of the two of them was what she felt like would be the only option to reveal how much he loves her.  Because it helped him realize that he truly wanted to become a father, and wanted a family.

In spring of 2007 my daughter was born.   My best friend traveled a lot, so he never got to see her.  Only through pictures.   (My daughter was the light that my husband and I prayed so many years for.)
My best friend had been married for nearly 6 months, and I still never met his wife.  After a lengthy conversation, he revealed that his new wife didn't want him to have friends because she should be his only friend.   Um, well that was a upsetting conversation.   

I settled for our periodic phone conversations.  Since he traveled the road so much I naturally would worry if I hadn't heard from him in awhile, and I'd call at least once a month.

Going forward to nearly 2009.   I got a call from my best friend.  Something was wrong.   He stated that he needed to take of himself because he and his wife were expecting a baby girl soon.   I was shocked, but supportive.   If I had known that it was going to be the last time I'd hear from him then I would have requested to meet with his wife, so I could keep in touch.

Fast forward 6 1/2 years.

Fall of 2015.   One morning looking through my facebook on my phone, and I see the box "Do you know ____?"   WELL DUH!!!
I clicked on the add him as a friend, started firing out messages, and just going crazy that my best friend was still out there!   I sent out the message to our other best friends that he was alive, and well, and had a ton of kids now!  :)

Now, after finding my best friend don't think for a second that I was going to let him go into hiding again.   I made sure that I got my O'Charley's lunch time, that he met my first born and my second born, and he met my husband again, and so on.   

We'll briefly touch on the insane situation that soon revealed itself after reuniting with my best friend.   I listened to him.   He had issues at home, and I listened.   Given that I've had little ones close in age, I gave advice daily that "this too shall pass" and all will be ok.   Us mom's just take on too much, and babies are tough work.
I was warned by him that his wife tracks everything that he does, and has extreme insecurities.   Meaning she checked his facebook, phone calls, emails, text messages, and anything else every few minutes rather than picking babies up to keep them from getting a flat head and having to wear a helmet.  The tracking on him was very precise.  Like, Sprint's family tracking app type of precise.  Crazy.
Being accused for years of having affairs, that she "had papers on him", being told every Friday on pay day when he didn't get a paycheck that she was going to divorce him and she was "going to get her half" eventually wore him down.   While I still tried to give the encouragement that it will pass, just give it more time.  Go to counseling.  Go to counseling. Go to counseling!   Someone just needed to help her realized that the daily verbal abuse she was dishing out was in fact NOT normal! 

At lunch one afternoon, (which by the way I go to lunch with my friends routinely.  I go to dinner with my husband, but I do have lunch with him as well.  But never have dinner with friends.) I gave my typical advice.  Stating a quote that he needed to write down, then go home and say the words "you look beautiful today."
Something all us ladies want to hear just out of the blue.  And in my best friends sarcastic ways he wrote it down when I said "write that down," and put my name down as the person who was quoting it.   Yea, he didn't take that home.   But, the family member of his wife that worked there, and took a picture of us shoveling cheese bread in our faces, made sure to pick that piece of paper up for "evidence."   (no worries, we all found it humorous.)

I'm going to quickly add my timeline for the beginning of Jan. 2016, and my whereabouts.  Make sure Google these dates too. 
The weekend that you are "claiming as evidence" I went to IMAGING USA which is a photography convention, and it was held in Atlanta, GA.
That second weekend of January I took my children to my parents to go to dinner for my step-dad's birthday (as we do every year.  It's also Elvis's birthday.  In case you need to check that date.)  My husband stayed home because he had JUST HAD bi-lateral hernia surgery on Dec. 29th!!!   
Since it was a Friday night, we stayed there and I headed out for Atlanta Saturday morning.   I stopped in Chattanooga at lunch time because I had a meeting with a Wedding Coordinator to meet with a couple of her spring/summer/fall brides.  This was with other photographers as well.  If you are a photographer, then you would know how all that works.  
Towards the early evening I headed out for Atlanta where I met up with other photographers from Murfreesboro/Nashville.   This was Saturday night.   There were a couple of classes Imaging was offering that evening before the convention started the next morning, which was Sunday.  (google those dates, my dear.)   I got my badge, and other goodies that Saturday and I even put it on my Instagram!!  (look it up, chick)
The next morning, we were all excited to run through and pick up all kind of photographer's goodies, and it was photography haven!   There were so many great classes I attended being taught by photographers that I idolize.   AND I got to meet one of my favorite newbie photographers, Ana Brandt!   I even got my picture with her!  That's on my instagram too!  (check it out, girl)
The following Monday morning I packed up and left for home.   My husband had taken care of our kids since the night before, so I needed to get home to relieve him of his duties.  (he was still in lots of pain from surgery.   My trip was already planned before finding out he needed surgery.)
So, whatever timeline you created in your head, and tried to force down my husband's throat will be addressed in court if need be.

Now, to bring up how you busted into my studio just after I finished a 1st birthday cake smash because my best friend stopped by when he texted asking if he could talked to me....  Yes, I allowed him to come to MY studio (not my husband's, mine.).   As he talked about the recent argument they had the day before, I mopped the icing off the floor.    I learned that he had come unglued.  After being accused of an affair, for apparently the millionth time (again, not normal behavior!) with women that worked for him, he responded with arrogance and sarcasm.   He fabricated someone.   While I was completely dumbfounded that he would do such a thing, he said that his wife seemed pleased with what she finally thought was a valid reason to leave him.  Because according to her he had to do something to violate their vows via the Bible.  But, apparently daily verbal abuse to your husband is not a violation according to the Bible she carries. 

As I did my best to beg him to go tell the truth, he eventually did but said she finally told him they were done.  ALTHOUGH, his wife was already planning a divorce after having their last child the summer before.  (she hid lots of money!  There's a paper trail.)  ;)
While I continued to plead for him to go make it right, there was a super loud knock at the back door.   I wasn't expecting anyone, so I made him rush to see who it was.   Then, the door burst open and a very loud country sounding lady was yelling and screaming.   It was my best friends wife, who he quickly made leave my studio.   They argued in the parking lot, and I kept out of it.   I said all that I could for positive advice, and prayed that counseling would be in their near future.   Because their situation was completely fixable, in my opinion.

Later that day, my best friends wife texted me to apologize for her behavior.   No worries, I understood.  And offered any non biased advice for future contact.   As weeks went by, she would text (never called) and was fishing to see if I knew anything about them.   
I had told my best friend that it wasn't my business, but I'd still keep my stance that counseling would work for them.  

We'll skip over none sense weeks that proves me saying over and over to get counseling.  (I bet his wife didn't have any family giving positive advice.  Only giving advice on how to hurt others or stalk them.  Nice environment for children to thrive in, don't you think? And the sister, who went through her husband having an affair and drug issues, that seems to be the expert detective & therapist truly needs counseling herself.   I refuse to let trashy minded people be around my children.  As you only act as how you are taught.   (I pray that my best friend's children do not grow up to be adults like that.)

By Feb. 2016, my best friend's wife is making arrangements to move out and leave him.   I kept telling him to fix it, but his wife was mentally burning him.  She just needed help.  Professional help.  And professional help for their marriage.
She was set to move into her new home without him in March.

Now, to move onto the weekend that she "let loose."   Holy, what in the world, girl?  I took off with my daughter for girl scout camp (which is in Readyville!!  Look it up on the map!  It's 15min from my house!  Which for some odd/creapy/disturbing reasons you know exactly where I live. No worries, you texted that.  I got a copy of it.)
I made arrangements for my son to be with my parents for the weekend. (none your business, but yet again, it's a weekend that you created a "scenario" of in your head because apparently you drove your husband away that same weekend.)

Anyways, I got through all of badge's requirements with the troops by Saturday afternoon.   My son had ball practice down the road.  My parents brought him to that.  I was in charge of picking up some grocery items for camp the next morning because I had to leave for my son's ball practice (my mother couldn't stay because she had to run to her office which is in Murfreesboro), then go lock up my photography studio in Rockvale (I had let someone rent it that day, and I had the key.), and pick up groceries.   In the midst of it all, I got a message asking if I could pick my best friend up to take to his new semi truck in Antioch.   Told him I'd have to do it after ball practice, and I'd pick him up on the way through to my studio.   The reason he didn't have his wife help?  He said she was upset with him already, so he just didn't bother ticking her off even more and it was his daughter's birthday.  So, she didn't want to leave.   I could only help out that evening, so it was well after party events of any sorts.
Ball practice ended around 7pm, I jet set'd across town and was going past the Cason Ln. Kroger's which is where I picked my best friend up.   And I forgot to mention to him that I HAD TO go lock up my studio.   If I had, then he could have just met me at my studio.  But, I wasn't really thinking because I had a lot on my plate that Saturday evening.    On to my studio we all went. (my son was still in tote.)     On the way back to the interstate, I needed gas so I stopped at gas station where apparently I was being followed to or watched or whatever weird creepy thing it is that my friend's wife's family does.  I had an issue with the pump, my best friend gets out to help.  He didn't get it fixed either, but I did get gas eventually.

Then, on to the new place he started working for to pick up the new tractor.   By this time it's around 8pm?   We get to the tractor, my son jumped all over it.   We had to leave quickly because my mother was meeting at the exit so she could take my son on home.
By the time I got headed towards girl scout camp it was pushing 9pm.  I zoomed through town; got to Walmart on Rutherford; ran through and gathered up all needed items;  made it back to camp (which was just a few minutes from Walmart. Look it up.) around 9:35pm; lights out by 10pm.  BAM!   I threw my hands up because my mission was accomplished!    

NOTE:   I did not bother my husband for that weekend because he had to work that Saturday.  And since he gets up at 3am every morning, I typically try not to bother him with really late evening practices/events if he has to work the next morning.

DOUBLE NOTE:   My hectic running around town, running errands, running kids all over is my complete norm.   This is the hectic life I love, and over booking with my kids stuff is what I live for!   I love the motivation!   You should see me during girl scout cookie booth time!   My husband, family, friends think I'm completely nuts for how much non stopping running I do!  :D

AND, whenever a friend, my husband, my family asks for me to do a favor I truly do my best to work it in my schedule.   

SUNDAY, I wake up that morning to the most crazy & absurd text of my life.   Seriously, chick, what in the flipping world??   No worries, I saved it.    You had your sister go past my house Saturday night, and again Sunday morning.  Looking for what?!!   Then, you had the nerve to contact my husband at home and start in on the drama that you fabricated because you refuse, absolutely refuse to admit that you are the only one that caused the demise of your marriage.    
As I contacted my best friend first on his wife's stupid text, he said that he would take care of it.   I had been hearing that the whole time, and I kept reminding him that I'm not going to humor her and any drama she was trying to throw my way.   I did respond to her eventually and stated that she pretty much needed to work on her issues with her husband.   And yes chick, this is what helps me sleep at night.   I have every single text that you have ever sent to myself & my husband & and all the ones that prove that you and your family have been following me.   I'll make sure all the ones that you are leaving out of your paperwork are submitted.
You have a lot to hide.  I do not.

To fast forward through my best friend's, can't be soon enough ex-wife, wife's delusional drama because she craves sympathy from a fabricated story.    It's now been a year.   She's done a good job of isolating him from his children.   To the point where he's only gotten to see them a handful of times.   She refuses to answer when he asks for his weekend, she drove him to lose his job (yes, yes you did.  Ask that other family member that you wish you were married to because "he makes so much money.")   At the time of when divorce was filed, she made sure to not submit  what his recent income was because it was negative.  She submitted a statement from a company from the year before that he didn't work for anymore.   Which with that falsified document, and him not being able to attend that court hearing because he was on the road for a new job, the judge granted her an laughable amount of money. 
Lawd, don't we all wish we could sit on our rears for over $50,000+ a year?!!!   Uh, yea!    Seriously, you guys had no income from the end of 2015 until April 2016.   So, so funny.  Who's the liar?   

We'll skip over your money hungry ways, and how you literally left a paper trail of saying if my best friend pays up then he can see his kids.   Lawd, the lack of intelligence and the trash that exudes.   
There are several laws that protect children from idiot parents.   It's even on the parenting plan.  Duh.   Hopefully there is a bit of common sense in there, and you'll work on avoiding contempt issues. 

Now, we'll go over briefly how my best friends wife and her family decided to continue their stalking towards myself & family.    So how they always know what kind of car I have in my driveway.  I'm referencing when she stated that my husband had a truck.   That would have been when my husband had a rental truck for 2 weeks.   That was also the truck my husband was sitting in when he was at my best friends very first visitation exchange at the Publix parking lot.   Yes, my husband was there that August day in the parking lot right in front of you guys!   My best friend was told by the attorney & police to have someone in attendance to witness your behavior.  So, my husband gladly volunteered!  :D
BUT, the wife had already texted about my husband's truck a few days before that.    And no, my husband is not your friend.   He has messaged you back several times when you just kept on texting him to stop bothering him.   No, that was not me.   But after all your crap that March weekend he was right next to me when he responded.   We thought for sure you'd reveal more of your stalking ways.   But, given that we are adults.... you're ridiculous drama was exhausting.   It's like you're stuck in high school, and you have a strong craving for drama.  Very strong.   We've all learned that from the stories my best friend has shared.   Seriously, get professional psychological help.   Don't do that to his kids.   Those kids need a healthy minded Mama.   They don't need to be put into the position to have to take care of you.

Ok, what else do I want to share.....
Oh, I'm going to leave this here for a little while.  Why?   Because of your slander towards me.  I lost a lot of my business last year.  Ironic.  Especially since you were busy running all over town following me, my best friend,  and my husband.   Not only just following, but actually having your sister scream at me in a grocery store, and you yourself screaming at me from your sister's car. (while there was a police officer right there because he was the neighbor I was talking to.)   That was the day that a LOT of profanities came out of your mouth and directed at myself & my 9 year old daughter.   Truly, we prayed for you as soon as FINALLY drove off.   May God heal you, and give you some peace for the sake of young beautiful children you guys have.

Also, you taking pictures of my van sitting at my best friend's home in December is not "evidence" of anything.   Especially when the divorce was filed in March.  Duh.   AND my husband and I help my best friend out routinely.   So, sod off.  ;)

I'm leaving this here because I'm going to make sure that every single time that you decide to say my name, then know that those people you speak to can easily look me up.   And this is what they will find.   They'll be given the other TRUTHFUL side of the story, and clarity that they too need to pray for you.

I'm nearly certain that I will probably add to this post again.   But for now I think I've gotten most of what has been on my mind out there.   I'm done with your drama.   
Own up to your mistakes in your marriage.   My best friend has owned up to coming out of that mental fog 8 years ago, and realizing what type of person he truly married.   
Stop calling people names.  It makes you ugly.
If you have nothing educated to say, then don't speak.

Please have a very good understanding that one day, hopefully very soon, that my best friend will move onto a new relationship.   He deserves it, and we're all pulling for him to find new love.   He's a good man that has done nothing but work hard everyday for his family, and endured mental & verbal abuse on a daily bases.   None of us want that for him ever again.   So, understand he will find someone that us female friends of his will make sure is not even a stitch like you.  

AND, the people that my best friend has surrounded himself with now are good people.  We're all old friends that know each other very well.  We're all normal.   Good people that are great examples to our children.   And we ain't going no where!

Also, I speak English very well.   
So well, that when you changed your business name last year..... you spelled it wrong. 
But, maybe you were intending for it to sound German?  :D  

And finally, leave me alone.   I've had enough.

***Adding a piece of advice:   If you want him back, then just call him.   Talk it out, go to counseling, do what should have been done years ago.   You're issues were not that bad.   You could easily heal with some good counseling.   We're all for the happiness and well being of kids!  :)

*Need to add that I hope you realize you're Facebook friends with one of ex-girlfriends!  Her brother was in your wedding!  :D

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lindsey & Cory: Circleville, Ohio wedding {Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer}

On September 19th, my sweet cousin Lindsey married her best friend, Cory.   I had the honor of capturing their first day as Mr. & Mrs. in our families hometown of Circleville, Ohio. 
A quick awesome fact about Circleville..... it's the home of the annual Pumpkin Show!   The best fall festival that is always the 3rd weekend in October!  For more info check out the website, The Circleville Pumpkin Show.   And make sure you put it on your bucket list of 'must-do's' if you've never been!  :)

Lindsey & Cory's big day started off with some wind, a little rain, but ended with plenty of sunshine.   It was a gorgeous event held at the Emmett Chapel United Methodist Church.
The day was filled with lots of family, friends, and love.

Here is their wedding story...

The day started with being pampered at Bella Zari hair studio & day spa in downtown Circleville.  All the ladies had their hair done beautifully.  Lindsey's sister did all of the ladies make up and everyone was gorgeous!

Daddy's first look at the beautiful bride.


This special moment was their 'not so sneak peek' before the wedding.   They shared letters to one another, and a few giggles!

Brides grandparents, and my great Aunt & Uncle.  <3

They had the cutest trio of flower girls!

The moment he sees his bride for the first time.

The bride & groom exchanged traditional vows and they wrote each other personal vows that brought some tears, and a few giggles. 

As they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. they literally danced down the aisle!

On to the reception....

Brides younger brother was the DJ. He had a mic & wore it out.  :D

All of the catering was graciously done by the church members.   It was very yummy home cooked style food!

These cakes were made by another cousin of ours that is only 15 years old!   She is an amazing cake baker and decorator that enters cakes into contests for her local fair!   These cakes were AMAZING for it being the first time ever to conquer such a big task!   And they tasted soooo good!  :)

One of my most favorite moments of a wedding..... 
the Father & Daughter dance.

Lindsey & Cory, I wish you a life time of happiness and laughter!
May you always walk hand in hand, side by side.  :)
Love to you both!

*Special thanks to all of our family for helping out, and for making this day for Lindsey & Cory a wonderful day to remember!   It photographed beautifully!  :)
Also, a big huge thank you to my second shooter, the one and only, Uncle Todd.  ;)