Saturday, February 4, 2017

Drew, 4 years old - { Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville / Tennessee Family Photographer

Mr. Drew brought his super cute self, and lot of smiles!
He shared that he's going to be a big brother in just a few months!!
We all agree that baby sister will be beyond gorgeous!
Congrats to the family of almost 5!!  See you soon!  :)

The B family - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Franklin / Hendersonville Tennessee Photographer

So great to see these faces again!
These adorable brothers are expecting a princess in just a few months!   Congrats to her new built in security!  :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Family Photographer - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville / Tennessee Photography

Another family I adore!   Dad was my daughter's tee ball Coach!
And their kiddos have GROWN, and Sister is gorgeous as always like her Mama!

Hailey & Jase - Murfreesboro / Nashville / Hendersonville Tennessee Photographer

I absolutely LOVE this trio!   Such a strong Mama doing an incredible job with these two super happy loves!   Loved seeing them for their Christmas session!

My Photography has worth.

After over a year long sabbatical to blogging through my photography work, I am back in the swing!

Having been put through some slander of my personal & business life via some psychologically needy individuals that desperately need a life (outside of a social media obsession), a job (that doesn't include stalking others around town & reading social media all day), friends (other than Facebook ones), and psychotherapy.   

Finally finding the light at the end of a year long tunnel, and trust that the law will prevail (because thankfully the legal system is not broken) if further negative comments through social media OR by word of mouth are tossed around by those that seem to have just stepped off the Jerry Springer stage. 

To those that may feel guilty of the consistent slander (whom are not KTP clients), please learn to accept that you caused your demise many years before any presence of the positive environment showed back up.  Given that these positive people gave non-stop encouragement to lift those up with loving advice that "this too shall pass", and suggestions of counseling (and STILL DO because non of us thought it was that bad & fixable.  Hence, find someone else to blame as we were only cheering for your happiness).
When consistent negativity is thrown with such hate on a daily bases for years, it's not acceptable and no one would want that for their own child.   The Hatred may have "paperwork" on them, but that does not entitle belittling everyday to the point of disgust.   Create a positive life & home, and you'll accomplish more.

Spend time with your children without the phone up your nose.
And stop bashing the newly positive environment for them to thrive in because the negative one you are causing will only bring resentment towards you further down the road.   
Especially when you consistently hold them hostage in exchange for the 'keeping up with the Joneses' type of lifestyle that was never there beforehand, and based solely on lies of perjury. 

After a year of silence, I'm speaking up & asking for the stalking and slander being thrown to please stop.   I have a family that thrives from my business. 

Now, lets all put our big girl or boy pants on, and get back to #Adulting!   Always be a great example to your children, and have some class like us all.

(Note:  Every time you particular individuals look this blog post up or lurk around my facebook fan page, it shows the city and nearly the exact location of who's viewing these pages.  Food for thought.)  

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lindsey & Cory: Circleville, Ohio wedding {Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer}

On September 19th, my sweet cousin Lindsey married her best friend, Cory.   I had the honor of capturing their first day as Mr. & Mrs. in our families hometown of Circleville, Ohio. 
A quick awesome fact about Circleville..... it's the home of the annual Pumpkin Show!   The best fall festival that is always the 3rd weekend in October!  For more info check out the website, The Circleville Pumpkin Show.   And make sure you put it on your bucket list of 'must-do's' if you've never been!  :)

Lindsey & Cory's big day started off with some wind, a little rain, but ended with plenty of sunshine.   It was a gorgeous event held at the Emmett Chapel United Methodist Church.
The day was filled with lots of family, friends, and love.

Here is their wedding story...

The day started with being pampered at Bella Zari hair studio & day spa in downtown Circleville.  All the ladies had their hair done beautifully.  Lindsey's sister did all of the ladies make up and everyone was gorgeous!

Daddy's first look at the beautiful bride.


This special moment was their 'not so sneak peek' before the wedding.   They shared letters to one another, and a few giggles!

Brides grandparents, and my great Aunt & Uncle.  <3

They had the cutest trio of flower girls!

The moment he sees his bride for the first time.

The bride & groom exchanged traditional vows and they wrote each other personal vows that brought some tears, and a few giggles. 

As they were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. they literally danced down the aisle!

On to the reception....

Brides younger brother was the DJ. He had a mic & wore it out.  :D

All of the catering was graciously done by the church members.   It was very yummy home cooked style food!

These cakes were made by another cousin of ours that is only 15 years old!   She is an amazing cake baker and decorator that enters cakes into contests for her local fair!   These cakes were AMAZING for it being the first time ever to conquer such a big task!   And they tasted soooo good!  :)

One of my most favorite moments of a wedding..... 
the Father & Daughter dance.

Lindsey & Cory, I wish you a life time of happiness and laughter!
May you always walk hand in hand, side by side.  :)
Love to you both!

*Special thanks to all of our family for helping out, and for making this day for Lindsey & Cory a wonderful day to remember!   It photographed beautifully!  :)
Also, a big huge thank you to my second shooter, the one and only, Uncle Todd.  ;)